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Flash sale!💥Buy 2, get 1 FREE, all Ancient Creations Ceramic Hand Pipes, Smoke Stones, and Bats!💥

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

⚡Flash Sale⚡ For only this last week of September, buy any 2 of our Handmade Ceramic Hand Pipes, Oval Hand Pipes, Smoke Stones, Chillums, or Bats, and get the 3rd one absolutely FREE!!!

Just add your 3 Ancient Creations Pipes to your cart, and use coupon code (BTGOFREE) at checkout!

Don't miss out on this smoking deal!!

The solid chamber-less and carb-less design of our Hand Pipes makes for a superiorly strong and durable pipe, and also a very clean, cool, and direct smoking experience!🙌

The surface of every piece is completely glass smooth on all sides, and the ergonomic shapes slip easily into any pocket or purse! #pursepipe

Shop our B.T.G.O. Sale NOW!!!

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