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Ancient Ceramics Smoking Art, a rainbow of Oval Hand Pipes

The Many Virtues of Ceramic Pipes

Ancient Creations Ceramics is a small, home based ceramic smoke-ware company, and artist collective from Seattle area, in the great P.N.W.

We have been providing fine ceramic smoking articles wholesale to Smoke Shops/Head Shops all across the country since 1995, and more recently have started to sell our line retail, through our Online Store, and our Etsy Shop

We, as ceramic pipe artists, have gone in and out of style over the years, and have always had stiff competition from the huge selection of glass offerings on the market.

Usually when you think of a water pipe, or bong, you think of glass, and as many benefits as there are to glass, it turns out that ceramics can match them in just about every respect.


In fact, they actually have them beat in two areas: cooling your smoke and durability.

Ceramic can absorb and dissipate more heat than glass, and do it in a shorter time. The result? Cooler, smoother hits!

Not only that, but ceramic is actually quite a bit more durable than glass.

While ceramic can crack and shatter like glass, our ceramic water pipes are designed to withstand the abuses of everyday smoking. That's our motto, ("The one you really use")


We have also had to push past the stigma in the past that ceramic pipes were usually cheap molded junk from China, cheesy figurines, skulls, middle fingers, dong bongs🤣, etc.

So we have always been proud to offer something unique and classy, and to endeavor to give ceramics a good name in the smoking article industry!


In the last couple years our small business has experienced a huge increase in demand, due in part, we believe, to the fact that we have been able to keep all of our wholesale accounts, and online customers, reliably supplied through these uncertain times, with American made, quality, and affordable products.

We have increased our production to keep up, and we are ready to stock up all our existing stores, and many new ones, for 2024!


Our Online Store offers our full line of completely handmade, wheel-thrown, ceramic Hand pipes, Water Pipes, and Hookahs in a vast rainbow of beautiful custom colors. Our ceramic pipes are very durable, easy to clean, and easy to keep looking clean!✨

The solid chamber-less and carb-less design of our Hand Pipes, Smoke-Stones, and Bats make for a superiorly strong and durable pipe, and also a very clean and direct smoking experience! The surface of every piece is completely glass smooth on all sides, and the ergonomic shapes slip easily into any pocket!

All of our Water Pipes and Hookahs are hand formed on the pottery wheel from pure white clay. They are then hand painted inside and out with 100% food safe glazes, hand decorated with real platinum,  gold, and Mother of Pearl lusters, and finished with real 22 karat gold sunshine designs!

The sturdy, wide based beaker style design, sits safely flat on any surface, allowing for the best percolation, and all of our Waterpipes come with our in-house made, color tipped martini bowl, glass slide sets installed!

Each piece is meticulously handcrafted, and every Ancient Creations Ceramic Hand Pipe, Smoke Stone, Bat, Water Pipe, and Hookah is put through a rigorous quality control process every step of the way, so that we can confidently provide our retail, and wholesale customers with the most flawless, functional, and time tested smoking experience possible!


Thanks so much for your business, for supporting small business, and for supporting ceramics!

Any questions, or to request our wholesale info:

Call Adiel @888-403-1098

Call/Text to 425-280-9290

Email: Adiel@ancientcreationspipescom

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