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4.20 is about togetherness, and Ancient Creations has you covered!

Updated: Apr 12

Spark up with a friend this 4.20 with our two person Hookah! Right now, use coupon code (420PARTY) to take 20% off our 2 hose Hookahs, and get ready to ring in the holiday in style :)

Ancient Creations Ceramics 2 hose Hookah in pink with plum blossoms in the background
Ancient Creations Ceramics Hookah in Pink

Ancient Creations Ceramic Hookahs are approx. 5 inches tall by 5-6 inches wide, and come with two hoses, which are tipped with our in-house made glass mouthpieces. Perfect to share your sesh with a friend, or just cover the extra mouthpiece and enjoy the superb percolation yourself!

Our Water pipes\Bongs and Hookahs all come with our in-house made, colored handle martini bowl, glass slide sets installed.

All of our Water Pipes and Hookahs are hand formed on the pottery wheel from pure white clay!

They are then hand painted inside and out with 100% food safe glazes, hand decorated with real platinum and gold lusters, and real 22 karat gold sunshine designs.🌞

The sturdy and wide based design sits safely flat on any surface, and allows for amazing percolation!

We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them!😊

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