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Can you toss your glass pipe onto the cement from 4 ft? Check it out!

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

All of our Ceramic Smoke-ware is designed with the goal of ultimate functionality and durability! "The one you really use”

I got a call from a customer the other day, who wanted to let me know how impressed he was with the durability of our pipes, and it made me want to share this again! Yes, our solid clay pipes, (especially our Oval Hand Pipes, and Smoke Stones), can survive a fall like this, and come away without a chip or crack! I wouldn't recommend testing it out for fun or anything, as they are ceramic and they could certainly break, but I am constantly hearing stories from our customers of their close calls with dropping our pieces, and being surprised when they just skitter along the ground like a rock and make it through unscathed! 😊

Our pipes are all hand formed from solid clay, and are fired in a way that makes them very durable, and completely heat resistant, (which means they will not heat up at all around the mouthpiece)! The solid chamber-less and carb-less design makes for a superiorly strong and durable ceramic pipe, and also a very clean, easy and direct smoking experience.🙌 The surface of every pipe is completely glass smooth on all sides, and the ergonomic shapes slip easily into any pocket or purse. We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them!

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