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Ancient Creations Fathers Day Sale! 25% off everything! Shop NOW!

Get that special guy in your life the most important 'tool' in his toolbox! 😉

Happy almost Father's Day to all the great Dads out there!

Through Father's Day, we are offering 25% OFF all of Ancient Creations handmade ceramic Hand Pipes, Smoke Stones, Bats, Water Pipes, Bubblers, Hookettes, and Hookahs!

Use coupon code (DADSDAY23) at checkout!

Our 100% handmade Ceramic Pipes, Bats, Smoke Stones, and wheel-thrown Ceramic Water Pipes, Bubblers, and Hookahs come in a vast rainbow of beautiful custom colors!🌈 Every Ancient Creations piece is meticulously handcrafted, hand painted, and hand decorated with real platinum and gold lusters, and real 22 karat gold sunshine designs!✨

Quality Handmade Smoking Articles, "From our hands to yours"


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