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Looking for a great new line of ceramic pipes and water pipes for your smoke shop?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Ancient Creations Ceramics is a small home based company from Seattle, Washington!

We have been providing our 100% handmade ceramic Hand pipes, Water pipes, and Hookahs to valued customers\smoke shops all across the country since 1995! We began doing ceramic art over 20 years ago. At first it was just a fun hobby, and then due to popular demand, we began to supply our friends and family with all their smoking needs! This encouraged us to start doing local festivals and fairs, which prepared us to branch into wholesaling to some local smoke shops. The response to our high quality, handmade smoking accessories was so positive that we are now supplying our pipes wholesale to over 500 smoke shops, in just about every state in the U.S.!!

We still operate out of our home studio, and over the years we have included most of our family, and many of our friends in the production of Ancient Creations Ceramics pipes. We are so thankful to be able to work together from home, with our hands, to provide a product that will be an appreciated and central part of someone’s life all across the county. If you would like to set up a new wholesale account with us, you can call, text, email, (below), dm us on IG, or create a wholesale login on our site to access all of our wholesale ordering info!

Call Adiel @888-403-1098

Text to 425-280-9290

Check us out on Instagram @ancientcreationsceramics


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