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Skipping Smoke Stones, yes they really are that hard core! #solid

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

ANCIENT CREATIONS SMOKESTONE 1 inch in diameter, with gold sun design around center fingerhold. Comes in 15 gorgeous colors, every color of the rainbow,🌈 plus many more!

Nathan Sep 10, 2020 "Looks more beautiful and deeply glazed in person than in the pics! Also feels terrific to the touch. I've dropped it a couple times (not from crazy high) and feared for the worst since it's porcelain, but NO chips or cracks!!! So easy to pass my joint, light a short stub without burning myself, or to set a burning roach down on a table and not have the cherry burn anything. I love it!


(which means they will not heat up around the mouthpiece) The solid chamber-less and carb-less design makes for a superiorly strong and durable ceramic pipe, and also a very clean and direct smoking experience. The surface of every pipe is completely glass smooth on all sides, and the ergonomic shapes slip easily into any pocket or purse! We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them!

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