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#stoneysaturday 🥳

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

Ancient Creations Ceramics, supplying valued customers like you with fine ceramic smoking accessories at great retail and wholesale prices since 1995! Hand made, hand thrown, and hand painted Ceramic Hand pipes, Smoke stones, Bats, Water pipes, Bubblers and Hookahs!

Check out our Online Store for these awesome Smoke Stones/Blunt Holders/One Hitters, available in every color of the rainbow, and more!!🌈

These smokestones are extremely functional and easy to clean. They are fired in a way that they do not heat up at all around the mouthpiece, (no matter how hard you’re blazing it up😂)

Also, you can set your stone down with a burning Cigaret, etc, in it, and the stone holds it up just high enough off the surface that it will not accidentally burn something! Don’t ever burn your lips, or your fingers again trying to get that last puff!

Pick up your stone today🤗 Click on link or picture for our Online Store

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